American Eagle- Avoid making these mistakes when purchasing a pair of jeans.


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A pair of jeans is the essential piece of cloth in one’s wardrobe. Despite so many options around, people often tend to find it difficult to choose the right pair of jeans for them. Each one of us has a very different body and style; while buying the jeans, you need to keep that in mind. If you are someone who might be currently going through the ordeal of choosing the right pair of jeans that fits you the best, then don’t stop reading. Here we are about to talk over some of the common mistakes made while shopping for jeans and some tips which can be of help. Avoiding these mistakes will help you find your perfect fit.

1. Not trusting your instincts. 

Not trusting your instincts stands number 1 on the list of commonly made mistakes. When you walk out of the changing room and don’t feel like this is it, then my friend, you might need to see some other options. What people do is they buy a pair of jeans which are not actually the one for them because they are in trend or everyone has those jeans. Don’t try to convince yourself to buy anything that doesn’t make you feel super amazing in the first go. Chances are, your instincts are 99.9% right. So next time you go shopping, you know what you have to do. 

2. Not checking the pockets and their size

We often forget to look over a very significant factor while buying a pair of jeans- The pockets. It may not openly seem like it, but the pockets and their placement in your jeans play an essential role in making your backside look a specific way, depending on how you want them to look. For example, if you buy jeans which has wide pockets, your hips will look bigger in size. Also, don’t buy jeans which has pocket below the point where the gluteal muscles end; they don’t look good. If you are willing to buy premium quality jeans at a reasonable price, then you can check some options on American Eagle. They have such pretty pieces that you won’t be able to resist. Use American Eagle deals to get a discounted price. 

3. Not considering the perfect rise for your body.

Okay, so this is a common mistake we make. Most people buy whatever is trending without thinking if that trend will suit them or not or if they will be comfortable wearing it or not. Talking about the rise, a rise is basically the length of your jeans from your waist to the crotch. There are three types of rising: low rise, mid-rise, and high rise. You can easily find the perfect rise for your body type. For example, you can go for low-rise jeans if you have an athletic body type. It will make your hips look curvier than they actually are. You can check out the website of American Eagle to find the jeans that suit you best at an extremely attractive price using American Eagle discount codes. 

4. Save a little time with neck measurements. 

This one is a very interesting trick you can use to save some of your time. Different brands have different sizes, and sometimes you won’t be sure which size will fit you the best. So, in situations like these, you can wrap the jeans around your neck, and the one that fits correctly can most probably be the right size for your waist. The waistband measures approximately half your actual waist measurement. It may be a bit silly, but this trick actually works. You will know which sizes you should take with you to the changing room. So, next time you go shopping, try this one out. 

5. The camel toe is a bad sign.

The worst kind of mistake that we make when we buy a pair of jeans is the crotch mistake. It happens when the space between the end of the zipper and the crotch is too much. This kind of jeans puts too much emphasis on that area, and it is not something you want. So, go for the jeans which have the right space between the zipper ending and the crotch. 

6. Want to look a little slimmer? Go for dark denim. 

It is advisable that everyone should own a pair of black skinny denim jeans. It can be worn very casually with a lot of different kinds of tops if you aim to look a bit leaner than for a pair of dark denim. You can find some amazing denim jeans at American Eagle at an extremely low-cost using American Eagle coupons. So, I’d suggest you hurry up and find the denim that fits you. 

7. Don’t go for cheap brands intentionally.

Many times we tend to go for jeans that cost us less, but the con of this deal is that the quality of such jeans tends to be very low. It’s worth a little bit more investment as you get the better denim with good quality materials used in it. Also, jeans are not something you buy too often because they work for a long time. Going for quality and investing a bit more is actually going to help you in the long run. 

So, these were some common mistakes that we make while buying a pair of jeans. Hopefully, avoiding them will help you find the right jeans for you. Another recommendation is to explore a brand called American Eagle, as they have a wide variety of jeans and other clothing apparel for both men and women. You can use American Eagle deals to get America’s favorite jeans at a discounted price. This brand keeps coming up with such offers for your comfort and convenience. So, do give it a try, go through the website and check out some great clothes for yourself or your friends. Do sign up on their website. 


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