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At last, you've made one more year with each other. One more year of the highs and lows that come with married life. This deserves celebration. No doubt. Whether it is 25 years of your marriage or you were just married last year, anniversaries hold a special place in every couple's heart. The celebration can be intimate or very grand, depending on how you guys want it and what suits you. Make your anniversary even more special with Jeulia shopping.

Here are a few gift ideas to make your anniversary special.

  • A couple's spa day coupon

Nothing is more relaxing than a good day spent with your spouse at a good spa. Growing older, anniversaries tend to be less about having fun and more about taking time out of your busy schedules for self care. This is a sure shot way of making your better half happy.

  • A ticket to an adventure sport

Celebrating anniversaries doesn't have to be cliche. It can serve as a way of bringing back the spark in your marriage and reviving your relationship. So bring out the inner child in you and give your spouse tickets to your favourite adventure sport. It may be more fun if it is something you both are scared of.

  • A return to the venue of your first meeting

Although it may seem very simple, a return to old memories might be all you need for this anniversary. This gift is best revealed as a surprise. Reliving the beautiful day of your first meeting, first date or wedding is a cherishing experience that leaves you with gratitude for each other and respect for your relationship. Buy cute jewellery pieces using Jeulia discount codes as perfect gifts.

  • Rings with your names engraved on them

Okay, this may be cliché. But you don't have to stray away from going all bold just because you think it is old school. Rings are a classic gift choice for people of all ages. You can engrave each other's names on it or both of your names in a single heart. Or it can be a secret name or code that only you understand. Check out the ring collection at Jeulia offers.

  • Pendants with each other's pictures

This might feel like a very 90ish idea, but again, you don't have to refrain from doing what you think would best suit you as a couple. Pendants with half hearts connecting together are still a great hit among couples. Just listen to your heart when picking the gift. Check out cool pendants using Jeulia coupon codes.

  • Gift coupon cards

The best way to ensure your love reaches your spouse without the frenzy of "will they like this", is to give them a gift coupon. They can choose exactly what they like and it's still a gift from you. All kinds of gift coupons like beauty spa coupons, jewellery coupons and garment coupons are available online. You must look at these Jeulia coupons.

  • Tickets to your favourite concert

If you guys like a band and a concert is around the corner, what can be a better way to celebrate your anniversary? These fun activities once in a while are necessary to keep your relationship thriving. You don't need to be 20-year-olds to enjoy a concert together.

  • Go for a picnic

Take out your baskets and mats, keep your favourite eatables and a classy wine. Grab your bicycles and ride off to a beautiful sunset. Sounds too good to be true? Well it doesn't have to be. Sometimes the things we look out for in the world are found at our doorstep. This easy-breezy picnic is the perfect way to chill out together on your anniversary.

  • Have a movie marathon

Watching movies all day with your spouse seems like such an absurd idea, but you have to try before you tell. Leaving all your schedules aside, put on your favourite movie series and binge watch into the night. Careless celebrations are sometimes needed to break our wired routines.

  • Rooftop date

Below the stars, as cold air touches your cheeks, you hold hands and snuggle in a beautiful embrace. What can be more romantic than a rooftop date with your loved one. You can arrange your favourite things together. Decorate your rooftop with flowers and colourful papers. Candle light dates are always an option. You can end the day on a glorious note by gifting your spouse a jewellery piece using Jeulia promo codes.

  • Plan a road trip

Road trips never go out of style. You can randomly put a finger on a destination nearby and ride in your car all the way. Now there are even options to rent a car for road trips. It’s not just about the destination. The journey matters just as much, if not more. It brings you closer and you get to spend time together as you travel amid beautiful sceneries.

  • Explore your sexual fantasies

You are never old enough to not ask for what you want. This anniversary, it might be a good idea to discuss what you want and bring a little spice to your marriage. Something as simple as a bath together will help you relax in each other’s company. Tick off those stupid fantasies you locked in your cupboards. The time of your life is right here.

  • Truth and dare

Truth and dare is not just limited to schools. Even after spending so much time with a person, you will be surprised to find out how little you know about him. This is the best way to bring out your naughty sides and give each other dirty dares (wink!). Visit Jeulia sales to look for a perfect gift-dare.

  • Celebrate all day at home

Finally, if you are too tired of the trials and tribulations of life and just want a quiet evening with your loved one, there are ways to do that too. Sit idle all day, watch movies or cook together. Enjoy meals together. Play board games. Listen to your favourite songs. Talk, gossip, and laugh in the comfort of your own home. Gift each other jewellery to end the day and there you have your perfect anniversary planned! Visit Jeulia deals for more.