Beauty and Fashion is a vast industry. From personal care to make-up cosmetics, everything is a part of the beauty industry. Nail cosmetics are indeed an important part of the beauty world. Several nail products brands have also set up their base separately based entirely on the nail products. Whereas many cosmetics and beauty brands have incorporated nail products as one of the categories along with the other products. Nail art and various types of extensions have been launched as the nail art is gaining popularity. These go perfectly well with the different types of outfits, and attire. People seem to match up with matching or contrasting colors in order to give themselves an edgy look. What gets challenging is to come across a brand that not only offers quality nail paints, but affordability as well. There are uncountable brands functioning in the market, but most of them focus on only a section of the population. Paintbox is one such brand that offers an incomparable collection of nail colors. Paintbox Shopping offers enormous variety for the customers to shop from. People can make use of the Paintbox deals in order to achieve extra discounts. Here we list a few inexpensive brands that offer quality nail products.


It is an Indian beauty brand which is known for the best quality in the products that they offer. This brand puts forward a versatile range in the nail paints that people would not find anywhere otherwise. The brand also offers different types of artificial nail extensions that they provide. People are often impressed with the offerings of the brand because they put forward a reasonable collection. The company puts forward some unique shades that are not offered by any other brand. The dark pastel color shade is among the bestsellers of the company. People can shop for different nail paints for 150 Indian Rupees. Other than nail products, other beauty items of this particular brand are also really cheap and can be bought for extremely low prices. It is a brand that is a people’s choice and customers totally love the different variety that the brand offers. Paintbox is the best place that offers the products of this brand. People can purchase it for a comparatively lower price by using the Paintbox discount codes.


This is one of the top-selling international brands everyone is aware of. Excellent cosmetic and beauty items are available from Maybelline. In India, Color Show and Express Finish have dominated the nail polish market. These are among the most inexpensive nail paint brands in India. Additionally, Color Show is a must-try because it gives a selection of roughly 40 bright colors. This brand is generally preferred by young girls who are often fans of pop Colors. It makes them stand out from the rest of the people. The cute pinks and edgy oranges are something that would steal every girl’s heart. Paintbox coupon codes help people in availing these products at amazing prices.

  1. LAKMÉ

Lakme is one of the well-known, top-selling, and trustworthy brands. This company sells a variety of beauty items, and it's amazing nail paint colors have won over customers. Some of the collections that are in high demand include Fast and Fabulous and Color Crush. Since Lakme nail polish is secure, reasonably priced, and available in lovely colors, one can purchase it online. Lakmé is one of the oldest brands that have been dominating the beauty market for a long time now. The products are extremely rich in quality and the variety that they offer is impressive. The nail Colors offered by the company are different from what usually is offered by the other brands in the market. Paintbox promo codes provide the customers with an opportunity to purchase the best products at minimal prices.


One of the most reliable brands for nail polish purchases made online in India. With more than 60 colors available, Revlon has been in business for a while and has done a remarkable job keeping up with shifting fashion. It's imperative to use Revlon Neon Matte Nail Enamel. Ladies usually prefer to shop from this place because these products are affordable and also durable. The different shades provide the customers with an opportunity to choose from the vast variety that the brand has to offer. Everything ranging from dark to light shades are offered by the company. The glittery shades go perfectly with the different party looks that the people wish to pull off. This brand is also amongst one of the oldest brands that has been impressing the ladies with the awesome collection. Every type of glossy, matte, glittery shades are offered by the company. Paintbox offers can be redeemed to grab the best deals.

  1. ELLE 18

One of the most youthful and widely available nail paint brands is Elle 18. It comes in super amazing prices and offers endless shades for the customers to shop from. According to the customers, the pinks are the most favorite shades of this brand. The brand offers products that are super affordable. The brand is also consistent with launching different sets of nail shades at every regular interval. Elle 18 offers shades for every type of customer. From little girls to women, everybody can find their preferences in this brand. It comes in a cute packaging. Color pops are the best and the most widely used category of the brand. The various glossy shades offered by the company is really remarkable. Paintbox coupons enable customers to shop their favorite picks at minimum cost.

Nail paints are something that is loved by every girl. Different brands are known for their respective Color shades. Customers should try and maintain their nail paints in the appropriate manner to avoid them from drying. They should be stored at a cool place. People should try different brands and get to experience the magic that every brand offers to their customers. Paintbox sale has been brought to light for the customers to grab their most favorite picks from the company at a reasonable rate.


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